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Little Penguin's Tale

Little Penguin's Tale

by: Audrey Wood
Publisher: Voyager Books 
Recommended Ages: 6 and Under
Related Activity: Make a Penguin's Tale Mobile

The Antarctic has never been more fun and colorful than in this story of a mischievous little penguin who sets off on his own. The strength of the book lies in the wonderful illustrations. The full-page pictures are bursting with color and filled with imaginative characters. Where else would you happen "upon a band of dancing gooney birds, beating on tin cans and blowing tunes through empty glass bottles".    This book is sure to tickle the fancy of young readers. 

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Hopscotch, Hangman, Hot Potato & HaHaHa

Hopscotch, Hangman, Hot Potato, & Ha Ha Ha: A Rulebook of Children's Games

by: Jack Maguire
Publisher: Touchstone 
Recommended Ages: 4 and Up
Related Activity: Play Battleship or Secret Squares

Remember playing "Kick the Can?" How about "Seven Up?" Maybe "The Preacher's Cat?" Chances are you'll remember playing a good portion of the over 250 games covered in this book, but will you remember the rules to all of them?

Jack Maguire has compiled the rules to many of the all-time classic children's games in this easy-to-read schoolyard encyclopedia. The rules to each game are kept simple and to the point. The games are also cleverly categorized for quick access, in sections like: "Games to Play on Pavement, Steps, and Stoops", "Travel Games", "Games to Play in Water", etc…

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Draw 50 Dinosaurs

Draw 50 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals

by: Lee J. Ames
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell
Recommended Ages: 9 and Older
Related Activity: Draw a Dinosaur - Sample

One of a series of over 20 books, this instructional drawing book is a must for any budding artist. Mr. Ames’ step-by-step method allows the aspiring young artist to produce drawings that will provide great pride and satisfaction. While creating these challenging drawings, the artist will also be learning many fundamentals of illustration. Mr. Ames sums it up very well in the foreword to his book – "The use of this book should be available to anyone who wants to try another way of flapping his wings. Perhaps he will then get off the ground when his friend says, ‘David can draw a dinosaur better than anybody else!’"

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