Best Ever Paper Airplanes

Best Ever Paper Airplanes

by: Norman Schmidt
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Recommended Ages: 9 and Older
Related Activity: Make a Paper Airplane

For anyone who ever wanted to fly, this just may be the book for you. This lavishly illustrated book provides step by step instructions for building 18 different paper airplanes. The models are quite complex (even older kids may need some adult guidance), but the results are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Glue, scissors, paper and a ruler are all you will need to create these highly realistic planes. Color photos of each plane offer decorating ideas to make your models even more impressive. For the flight enthusiast, the book also provides ample interesting reading about the history and science of flight.

Ideas for using this book:

Instead of a card, why not attach an airplane to a Christmas or birthday gift? With markers or a computer/printer you can decorate the plane and include "to: and from:" on it.

Make airplanes as a birthday party activity. After the planes are made, follow up with flying and decorating contests. For time's sake, I would recommend limiting the choices to models that you’ve already shown a proficiency for making. (also see Norman Schmidt's kite books as well)


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