Little Penguin's Tale

Little Penguin's Tale

by: Audrey Wood
Publisher: Voyager Books 
Recommended Ages: 6 and Under
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The Antarctic has never been more fun and colorful than in this story of a mischievous little penguin who sets off on his own. The strength of the book lies in the wonderful illustrations. The full-page pictures are bursting with color and filled with imaginative characters. Where else would you happen "upon a band of dancing gooney birds, beating on tin cans and blowing tunes through empty glass bottles".    This book is sure to tickle the fancy of young readers. 

For a fun classroom or group activity to enhance the enjoyment of the book (or just a fun project to do at home), we've incorporated the zany characters from the book into a do-it-yourself mobile. Click Here here for instructions and downloads. 


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