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  1. Build a fort with the couch cushions.

  2. Scrapbook with his mom.

  3. Binge watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supergirl.

  4. Paint a better picture of himself taking a bath than the one by his stupid  brother George.

  5. Work on his "Veto Corleone" impression.

  6. Build a Donald Trump piñata.

  7. Finally finish the first Harry Potter book.

  8. Have a sleepover at Mom and Dad’s house.

  9. Find out what this Facebook is all about.

  10. Make prank calls to Trump Towers.



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With public outrage growing over the Benghazi committee, which has gone on longer than the Watergate committee and has cost taxpayers in excess of $5 million, and has now been exposed by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as simply a scheme to politically ruin Hillary Clinton, GOP leaders are forming a new committee to decide on the focus for a post-Benghazi committee.

VW CEO Admits Cars Never Provided "Fahrvergnügen"

Written by  |  09-23-2015  |  Published in BUSINESS

BERLIN - On the heels of VW's emissions cheating scandal, today VW CEO Martin Winterkorn admitted that the ads they ran in the 1990's claiming that their cars provided "Fahrvergnügen" may have been exaggerations.  Claims of "Fahrvergnügen", translated as "driving enjoyment" are now being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department.

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